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UltraLinq provides a web based exam management system with full viewing, reporting, distribution and archiving capabilities...

Ultrasound: Echocardiography
UltraLinq ensures the transmission, sharing, and storage of large and cumbersome echo, stress echo and pediatric echo exams are no longer an issue. Our physician designed, ICAEL compliant reporting worksheets, which are autopopulated with measurements, mean an exam can be uploaded, interpreted, and distributed within minutes of it being taken.

Ultrasound: Emergency Medicine
Credentialing and billing in the emergency department has never been easier. UltraLinq’s system not only seamlessly blends into the hectic workflow of emergency care with no additional physician work, but it’s storage, remote over reading, and reporting capabilities also allow for effortless billing and credentialing to occur; ensuring quality of care and increasing you ultrasound programs ROI.

Ultrasound: General
UltraLinq’s general ultrasound functionalities allow for the viewing, reporting and archiving of Pelvic, Testicular, Thyroid, Soft Tissue, Abdominal General, Abdominal Doppler, Breast, Renal General & Renal Doppler exams.

Ultrasound: Obstetrics
UltraLinq provides obstetrics specific reporting for most exam types including I, II & III trimester, as well as neo-natal head.. Web based exam access guarantees that second opinions, collaborations and sharing are simply a few clicks away.

Ultrasound: Vascular
UltraLinq’s vascular capabilities include the ability to view report and archive on all your vascular exams including Upper & Lower Extremity Arterial, Lower Extremity Arterial Graft, Lower Extremity Vein Map, Upper & Lower Venous, Arterial, Aorta, Carotid Screen, and Carotid exams. All of our vascular reports are ICAVL compliant.

Nuclear Imaging
UltraLinq allows you to take your DICOM (non gated) images and store them with your other cardiovascular exams to make your internal work flow more convenient. Full size still and moving clips allow you to review the exam in it's original quality and specification without degrading the image size. As a web based solution we give you the freedom to view these images from any computer with an internet connection instead of being tied to a leased or purchased workstation for a majority of your work.

Cardiac Catheterization
HIPAA compliant storage means a safe and secure record of patient line placement is always available for easy reference and is associated with all other exams for that patient

EKG, Holter Monitor Exams, Intima Media Thickening, Pulse Volume Recording (PVRS)
UltraLinq allows you to centrally store and associate a variety exams with others, past and present, all of which are associated with your patient for easy reference and tracking.