Ultrasound of Lungs 

The current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic mobilized physicians and healthcare companies to provide large-scale patient care, develop rapid test kits, and produce personal protective equipment (PPE) at a remarkable scale. For patients with advanced stages of COVID-19, pneumonia remains one of the key health issues affecting fatality rates and doctors are grappling to find and implement methods to rapidly diagnose, track, and manage affected patients. Recent findings from physicians and researchers in Italy found that lung ultrasound (LUS) can play an important role in the early detection of COVID-19 symptoms to enable prompt intervention. 

While “studies aimed at clarifying the diagnostic and prognostic role of LUS in COVID-19 are urgently needed,” (3) the potential for LUS to be used for triaging patients before arriving at the hospital, and assist with the management of ICU patients who already have COVID-19, appears promising. Unlike computed tomography (CT) scans and X-rays, ultrasound does not expose patients to unnecessary radiation and is performed at the bedside in real-time (2).

In response to COVID-19, UltraLinq released a detailed lung ultrasound worksheet to support clinicians and sonographers who are tirelessly fighting this pandemic on the front line. There has never been a more important time to support and assist those who are putting their lives at risk for our well-being.

The UltraLinq solution is specifically designed to equip healthcare providers across the country to remotely share, archive, and report on their diagnostic images from anywhere with an internet connection. Rather than being tethered to the workstation at the practice, UltraLinq can help optimize physicians working remotely. With the surge in telemedicine due to COVID-19, UltraLinq can assist healthcare providers instantly access their patients’ diagnostic studies allowing faster diagnosis and treatment decisions.

To learn more about lung ultrasound in the screening and management of COVID-19, here are additional resources:

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