Coming Together for World Heart Day



Did you #UseHeart today? The World Heart Federation introduces this year’s World Heart Day with the slogan “Use Heart to beat Cardiovascular Disease. As COVID-19 cases continue to grow, World Heart Day shines light on why taking care of your heart is more important than ever before. 

UltraLinq is proud to #UseHeart and honor World Heart Day 2020. With near 20 years of commitment to Cardiovascular support, The UltraLinq PACS helps cardiologists support the hearts of their patients. UltraLinq’s powerful PACS is an important tool for clinicians in the diagnosis and management of heart concerns. 

World Heart Day promotes education about Cardiovascular disease, including common causes and helpful hints to lower your chances of Cardiovascular disease. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, using heart is more important now more than ever. The World Heart Federation encourages everyone to use heart by using your head, your influence, and your compassion by living a heart-healthy lifestyle, educating your community, volunteering and setting a heart healthy example for loved onesUltraLinq is excited to honor this year’s World Health Day and further our commitment to Cardiovascular support. 

UltraLinq committed to heart health on day one. We are a Cardiology Cloud PACS created by a Cardiologist. As we expanded to other areas of medicine, we continue our commitment to an efficient and effective workflow for the field of Cardiology. Cardiologists work long hours and remain dedicated to patient care during the COVID pandemic. UltraLinq’s efficient and intuitive workflow helps Cardiologists to spend less time on administrative burdens and more time focused on the heart health of their patients.  

Our goal is to help our clients improve their workflow. We do this by running an efficient platform that allows doctors to view, read, report, and share patient data from anywhere with an internet connection. We offer cardiologist-specific worksheets for many Cardiac exam types including echocardiograms, nuclear stress, and cardiac catheterization that follow ASE industry guidelines. 

We continue to educate ourselves through engaged conversations with our Cardiology clients and beta programs to test new software features.  The UltraLinq PACS is a powerful tool to help Cardiology practices to use heart and fight against Cardiovascular disease.  

To learn more about UltraLinq click here to Book a Demo. To learn more about World Heart day, you can click here.