The COVID-19 Roller-Coaster: Gear Up your Workflow

The COVID-19 pandemic and phased reopening of the economy give us much to evaluate and plan for in today’s healthcare landscape.

When routine care and elective procedures were placed on hold, practices saw a dramatic decline in patient exams that resulted in significant revenue decreases. Diagnostic imaging exams are predicted to cause a surge in volume, as practices like yours slowly reopen and provide elective procedures while navigating the virus.

Are you ready for the peak? Can your current PACS keep up?

UltraLinq is ready to partner with you. We’re here to help you access your diagnostic exam images, worksheets, and data from anywhere – onsite or offsite – to provide you and your staff the ability to collaborate in real-time together and focused on patient-centered care.

Discover the benefits of UltraLinq to address your unique challenges.