Three benefits of referring your colleagues to UltraLinq

Why should you refer your colleagues to use UltraLinq? Here are the top 3 reasons we hear:

Easily compare and learn from each other’s imaging workflow preferences  

UltraLinq lets you customize many aspects of our product to better fit your workflow. During implementation, we work with you to set up User Permissions and RolesThis allows you to customize the access that each user has within your account. We also work with you to set up additional locations, groups of users, and reporting personalization. Your colleagues using UltraLinq may have their permissions, groups, and reports set up differently. Comparing workflows with colleagues may provide inspiration to adjust and enhance your workflow or vice versa. 

Referring exams is even easier with another UltraLinq account 

Referring an exam in UltraLinq is quick and effective.  UltraLinq provides a pre-written email for you to easily and effectively refer your reports to any user within your account. UltraLinq offers linked user functionality so that by adding your colleague as a user to your account, they can view the studies you referred them alongside their own studies in one convenient login. Additionally, our permission sets allow complete control over which studies you do and don’t want to share.   

Earn free exams within your own UltraLinq account 

 To express our gratitude for your referral, we are happy to offer our clients 50 free exams, equal to a $100 credit, when a referred colleague completes a demo with us. Additionally, we’ll offer another 50 free exams, equal to a $100 credit, as a thank you for any client you refer to us that completes our implementation process and goes live!*


If you know a colleague who would enjoy UltraLinq as much as you do, email us today at We’ve love to chat further! 

Let us do the work for you: Invest in Integration

UltraLinq PACS Integration

UltraLinq PACS Integration

Are you tired of spending time faxing each page of a report to your EMR? Do you want to maximize the time you spend with patients and your time doing other things you love?

Like you, our clients are always on the lookout for new ways to save time. We get it. Especially in times like now, we want to maximize our time doing what is most important for us, and we don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so. UltraLinq has a great solution to solve both. 

UltraLinq offers unilateral, outbound integration that lets you send your finalized reports directly to your EMR. UltraLinq is able to integrate with every major EMR vendor in the marketplace, including AllScripts, Cerner, and eCW 

You and your staff have probably spent countless hours faxing or scanning studies and manually attaching them to your patient charts. Integrating UltraLinq with your EMR will give you this time back. Implementing the integration is as easy as one click. Once you click to finalize an exam, UltraLinq automatically sends the finalized report over to your EMR.  

Our Integration Specialist will walk you through the entire implementation process. Our Integration Specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable to ensure your integration is a success. Your UltraLinq Integration Specialist will work with your EMR to build a unique VPN tunnel for the ultimate safety and security between UltraLinq and your EMR. They’ll then build messaging made specifically for you and your worksheets. Once Live, our Integration Specialists will maintain the full life of integration so that your Integration evolves with your workflow. This means that you pay one flat cost to have a customized experience for the life of the integration.

Unsure if Integration is worth the cost compared to faxing? Faxing and Integration are both good options, and our clients use both or one depending on what fits their workflow the best. However, you’ll see a greater return on investment with a direct UltraLinq to EMR Integration because of the administrative time and cost saved.  Many of our clients see a return on investment within the first 3 to 6 months of their live Integration from the administrative time saved.  

You don’t have to be next to a fax machine, printer, or in the office to easily attach finalized patient reports to your patient charts with an UltraLinq Integration. Integration can make your workflow easier and automate the process of attaching patients charts in your EMR. 

Interested in learning more? Reach out to your Sales or Client Success Representative today for more information and pricing. 

Three Quick Tasks to Improve your Remote UltraLinq Workflow

3 Quick Tasks

3 Quick Tasks

Did you recently add new staff to support the wave of postponed routine procedures? 

Maybe you need better management of studies coming from your different locations? 

Is your team more forgetful of their passwords when working remotely? 

UltraLinq offers robust features that help your whole practice to work remotely. Sonographers, physicians, and any office staff with secure login credentials can create exams, assign user roles, and finalize reports from socially distanced locations with the help of our cloud-based software.

Below you’ll learn how to easily add users, add locations, and reset passwords to improve your workflow when working remotely 

Adding New Users is a quick task! Learning to add users can save you time and help you customize your workflow.  Any user granted the Admin permission can easily add users by following the simple steps below or by following this link: 

  • The first step to add a new user is logging in to your account. Once logged in, click on the Admin tab in the upper right-hand corner.  
  • Next, click on Users, then Add a User. From here you’ll be able to enter the user’s information.  
  • If the user needs login credentials, you’ll want to check off User may log in. This will allow you to create their credentials.  
  • Don’t forget to hit Save once you’re done! 

Adding a location to your UltraLinq account is just as easy as adding new users:  

  • Once an Admin is logged in, click on the Admin tab at the top of the page, then in the Actions section select Locations.  
  • From there, you’ll be able to click Add a Location and input the Location information.  
  • Don’t forget to hit Save once you’re done! 

Resetting a Password is another task that Admins can do in just a few, simple steps that will help you and your team save time 

  • After logging in to your UltraLinq account and clicking on the Admin tab in the upper right cornerselect Users 
  • Once there, select the user that needs their password to be reset, select Edit User, and then enter and confirm the new password.  
  • Don’t forget to hit Save once you’re done! 

If you ever run into a questionUltraLinq offers a large library of support articles for self-guided help whenever you need it. If you need further assistance, UltraLinq offers full and free support Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM EST, with support for medical emergencies 24/7, by email at or 1-800-227-2956 Option 1