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Clinical CollaborationWithout Boundaries.

View, report and share data, anywhere, anytime.

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, UltraLinq has developed a versatile cloud PACS to help physicians, sonographers and department staff to simplify their workflow and prioritize patient care. UltraLinq allows cardiac, vascular and ultrasound professionals to generate high-quality reports, thanks to a diagnostic-quality viewer and customizable reports.

The fast and flexible Cloud PACS Solution

Cloud-based exam storage and retrieval

Simply upload patient exams and file attachments directly to the UltraLinq Cloud. The industry-compliant cloud enables exam storage, retrieval and viewing from any internet-connected device. UltraLinq has unlimited storage for up to seven years at no extra cost.

Clinical Reporting and Exam Management

Complete your reports on pre-set worksheet statements or create your own custom statements according to professional society requirements. Complete a normal exam interpretation in three quick clicks.

Zero-footprint Web Viewer

Support for DICOM and Non-DICOM Imaging Types. The UltraLinq viewer uses state-of-the-art HTML5 technology to support all ultrasound-imaging exams, including echocardiograms, carotids, vascular, general ultrasound, ECG, Nuclear and Cardiac Caths. Calibrated post-measurement and annotation tools allow for efficient data management.

Share anytime anywhere

Share and provide collaborative access to exams, worksheets and final reports with any on-site and offsite care team members within minutes.

Imaging Workflow and Management. Simplified.

UltraLinq can save valuable time by populating data into exam reports while reducing the risk of manual entry errors.

  • UltraLinq supports auto-population of a range of exam measurements and patient data from many imaging machines that have DICOM and structured reporting (SR) packages enabled.
  • Build customized reports with advanced tools that auto populate multiple sections of the report saving valuable time.

The UltraLinq Viewer uses state-of-the-art HTML5 technology to support many types of ultrasound exams including Cardiac (Echocardiograms, Stress, Nuclear Stress, Cardiac Cath) Vascular (ie carotids), general ultrasound and non-imaging ECG. Calibrated tools allow for additional post-upload meaurements and annotations.

  • Our Dynamic Viewer allows ‘Drag and Drop’ functionality in both dual and quad views of non-sequential images and loops
  • UltraLinq provides flexibility by incorporating core imaging exam formats including: Echocardiogram, Carotid (including IMT) Vascular, General Ultrasound.

UltraLinq provides a standardized reporting system designed to reduce repetitive or standard reporting tasks.

  • Reporting templates are specifically designed for cardiology reporting, based on ASE and BSE guidelines
  • Customizable cardiovascular reporting worksheets which help each department to tailor reports to their exacting requirements
  • Create and store your own pre-sets and statements with single click retrieval.
  • Personalize and standardize reports with the Accreditation Seals, Department or Corporate logo for professionally presented reports
  • Final exam signature for optimized security

Easy-to-use post-measurement tools allow detailed post-exam reporting

  • Review exams in detail and make annotations directly on the paused clip or still – including point-to-point distance, area measurement, free text and more to highlight abnormalities.
Whether used in one department or across a group of many locations, the UltraLinq platform is supported by a built-in audit trail for  accountability and data management.
  • Accountability for every exam and report ensuring efficient staff management.
  • Provides high level management insight into exam workflow, access and referrals.

Reducing the Cost of Image Management and Storage

A flexible, cloud-based platform making UltraLinq one of the most cost-effective image management and reporting solutions on the market

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Our On-going Compliance

UltraLinq is committed to adhere to and incorporate the latest healthcare and IT standards. This incorporates all aspects of the UltraLinq product and service including infrastructure, the viewer, privacy and integration compliance to provide you with total peace of mind.

For further compliance information click here.

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