Your current organisation may well be using a traditional local PACS (picture archiving and communication system) whereby patient reports and medical imaging are stored on on-site hardware or servers. Cloud PACS allow all patient reports and medical imaging to be stored in a secure offsite location that can be accessed remotely from any location with an internet connection. The integration of Cloud PACS brings can bring a new dynamic to how clinical care teams collaborate, organise their work flow and ultimately enhance patient care.

To assess whether switching to a cloud based PACS is right for your clinical team, you need to consider

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If your clinical or admin team work from various locations, whether in another office, building or remotely, then Cloud PACS offers you with an ideal solution by providing direct and secure access to patient exams and reports from any location with an internet connection. This allows a smooth and flexible workflow, unrestricted by a physical location. Collaboration between teams is also improved as they all have access to the same files simultaneously. Making referrals to external parties is also simplified, as a secure link to patient files can be emailed to authorised users.


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Operational costs

Many organisations have high operational costs relating to their local PACS systems ranging from hardware, server upgrades, IT maintenance and archive management. A cloud PACS system eliminates these costs as all maintenance, upgrades and back-up storage. In addition, cloud platform upgrades, technical support and storage are included in the provider package, further reducing operational costs.



Reporting on patient exams can take considerable time as reports and exams are created on different systems or platforms. The latest cloud PACS systems allow both exams and reports to be viewed side-by-side, saving considerable time. In addition, past patient reports and exams can be accessed quickly thereby providing the clinician with a full and detailed patient history. Report templates can also be customised according to the requirements of each organisation allowing for standardisation of reports across an organisation.

So if your imaging department works collaboratively with cardiac physiologists, cardiologists and support staff both onsite and offsite, then cloud PACS can bring multiple benefits to your organisation including substantial cost savings, enhanced workflow and ultimately improved patient care.

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Kim Ramessa

Product Marketing Manager – Connected Health

Renew Health Ltd

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