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What is Mobile Imaging: The Growth of Cloud PACS in Mobile Imaging Services
What is Mobile Imaging: The Growth of Cloud PACS in Mobile Imaging Services

What is Mobile Medical Imaging?

The growth of mobile medical imaging services is expanding across the US and gaining popularity with patients and hospital facilities. Mobile imaging provides comprehensive X-Ray, EKG, and ultrasound services directly to medical facilities, homes, and businesses when and where they need it.

How Cloud PACS Optimizes Mobile Medical Imaging Workflow

The benefits of mobile imaging include increased efficiency, better accessibility, and faster processing time of healthcare services.

One of the key factors driving the growth of mobile imaging services is the adoption of cloud-based PACS that enables mobile imaging providers to optimize the workflow by

  • Enhancing multi-practitioner workflow
  • Increasing credibility
  • Making scalability easy

Enhanced multi-practitioner workflow

With cloud-based accessibility, technicians are able to upload exam reports from any location with a secured internet connection, reducing unnecessary trips from office to office. Additionally, cloud-based platforms provide automated workflow protocols that allow physicians immediate access to exam images.

This functionality, combined with the auto-distribution of patient reports to referring physicians, enables turn-around times on exams to be significantly reduced, saving hours of administrative manpower.

Increased credibility through robust data security

One of the challenges new or growing mobile imaging providers face is building the credibility of their staff and services. Many providers demonstrated that having access to a sophisticated ISO27001 and HIPAA-compliant platform, such as UltraLinQ, reinforces the credibility of clinicians and medical facilities by providing a superior service designed to deliver results securely.

Scalability made easy

The flexibility of providing mobile imaging services requires a flexible payment model for periods of time when no imaging services are provided. This is particularly evident during the holiday season or when in transit to remote locations. With a per-exam fee model, providers are better equipped for service fluctuations without being penalized or paying for contractual services not being utilized. With the enhanced accessibility of cloud-based PACS, mobile providers serving multiple locations are able to streamline the management of their staff and reports to meet the demands of a growing practice with ease.

See these benefits in action and discover how a cloud-based PACS, like UltraLinQ, can enhance your mobile imaging workflow today!

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