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Advantages of Cloud PACS - Why Make the Switch?
Advantages of Cloud PACS - Why Make the Switch?
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Why Make the Switch to Cloud-Based PACS?

A cloud-based picture archiving and communication system (PACS) can help medical practices transform the way they handle patient imaging. A cloud-based PACS allows clinicians to upload, share, and access patient images from any computer, mobile device, or tablet with an internet connection.

That’s why over 40,000 global users in Cardiology, Vascular and Women’s Health practices are using UltraLinQ PACS to:

  • Access patient files remotely
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Enhance reporting

Here’s how UltraLinQ helps:

Remote Image Access

By making images accessible from almost any location with an internet connection, UltraLinQ helps clinicians:

  • Establish a smooth, flexible workflow
  • Collaborate effortlessly with team members, patients, and caregivers
  • Streamline the referral process with other care providers
Free Download: “What to Consider When Switching to Cloud-Based PACS”

Improved Efficiency

Additionally, UltraLinQ’s streamlined, flexible, and user-friendly platform helps healthcare organizations:

  • Replace legacy, on-premise PACS systems and reduce operational costs
  • Backup image files indefinitely on the cloud, providing another level of risk mitigation
  • Access customer and technical support as part of the included service

Enhanced Reporting

UltraLinQ also helps clinicians access improved reporting capabilities, including the ability to:

  • Lay out patient images and medical reporting side-by-side, saving time
  • Quickly and easily pull up a patient’s past images and notes
  • Customize report templates for standardization across an organization

The Takeaway

These are just some of the key benefits your organization will experience by switching to cloud-based PACS.

Want more information? Read our What to Consider When Switching to Cloud-Based PACS White Paper. Or, if you’re ready to learn more, click below to schedule a demo.

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