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Press Release
iCardio.ai Partners with Major PACS UltraLinQ to Enhance Ultrasound Imaging Interpretation
iCardio.ai Partners with Major PACS UltraLinQ to Enhance Ultrasound Imaging Interpretation

Los Angeles, January 8, 2024 – Today marks a significant milestone in the world of medical imaging and technology as iCardio.ai, a leading innovator in AI-driven ultrasound interpretation, announces a strategic partnership with UltraLinQ, a major PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) software provider.

This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way ultrasound images are interpreted and distributed, combining iCardio.ai’s cutting-edge automated AI tools with UltraLinQ’s robust image viewer and advanced reporting platform. The partnership aims to deliver a substantial leap in quality, efficiency, accuracy, and speed in ultrasound image interpretation, benefiting healthcare providers and patients alike by leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence.

“We are thrilled to partner with UltraLinQ, a company that shares our vision for innovation and excellence in medical imaging,” explains Joseph Sokol, CEO of iCardio.ai. “Together, we are setting a new standard for ultrasound interpretation and distribution, ensuring that healthcare providers have access to the most advanced tools available.”

“UltraLinQ is committed to providing our users with the best possible solutions for image management, reporting, and distribution,” said Theo Vouniseas, Chief Financial & Operations Officer of UltraLinQ. “By augmenting our system with iCardio.ai’s AI tools, we are enhancing the value of our services and delivering on our promise of excellence. Our partnership with iCardio.ai will provide our users with advanced AI tools that can help assess quality of exams, automate workflows, and will assist them in providing the highest quality of healthcare to their patients.”

This partnership is expected to have a profound impact on the cloud PACs and cardiology healthcare industry over the new few years by providing helpful insights into echo quality and efficiencies in evaluation and diagnosis.

For more information on the UltraLinQ and iCardio.ai partnership, please visit www.ultralinq.com.

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About iCardio.ai:

iCardio.ai is a Los Angeles-based company that develops machine learning and deep learning algorithms for the analysis of ultrasound applications, with a specific focus on transthoracic echo. Leveraging a database of over +200M images, iCardio.ai is bringing AI to echocardiography, and now to UltraLinQ.

About UltraLinQ:

At UltraLinQ, our mission transcends beyond conventional boundaries of a cloud PACs solution. We are redefining the future of cardiac care, pioneering an era where transformative capabilities of iCardio.ai’s technology and UltraLinQ viewing and post-processing offerings coalesce. With billions of images stored and millions of exams processed on the UltraLinQ platform annually, this partnership will bring artificial intelligence to thousands of providers across the United States. Our vision is a world where AI and cardiology seamlessly integrate on a unified platform, offering unparalleled insights to users.

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