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Introducing the UltraLinQ Holter Service - Transforming Holter Monitoring and Reporting with the latest Wearable Technology
Introducing the UltraLinQ Holter Service - Transforming Holter Monitoring and Reporting with the latest Wearable Technology

The UltraLinQ Holter Service, enabled by LifeSignals® clinical-grade Wearable Biosensors, offers a complete, low-cost, end-to-end service that enables hospitals and specialist clinics to quickly upscale their patient Holter reporting services, without overburdening healthcare teams.

Incorporating the latest wearable technology, the clinical-grade Biosensor captures 2-channel ECG signals for up to seven days (five days in US). Lightweight and shower-resistant, the Biosensor can be worn with minimal disruption to the patients’ daily routine, and they can exercise, sleep and shower as normal. The discreet Biosensor is designed for fast application, without shaving, causing discomfort or skin irritation.

With flexible workflows, cardiologists and doctors can prescribe an UltraLinQ Holter Test for patients visiting medical facilities or organize an UltraLinQ Holter Test to be shipped to the patient’s home for self-application and return.

Once the Biosensor has been returned, high quality preliminary Holter reports are generated and individually validated by Certified Cardiac Technicians. Holter reports are quickly and directly accessible by the Clinical Team, from any location on the secure cloud platform. The high quality Holter reports are ‘interactive’ and include beat-by-beat ECG waveforms for the entire procedure, ready for final interpretation by the Clinical Team and authorising e-signature.

Jordan Wittmeier, Head of Commercial & Operations, said “Our revolutionary end-to-end patient Holter monitoring concept can transform the way cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed for patients, while enabling hospitals to expand their services, saving both time and costs. This new service will help enable accelerated arrhythmia detection, patient diagnosis and treatment, which in turn, could reduce the excessive cost of long-term care of stroke survivors.”

Using an affordable pay-per-use model, the UltraLinQ Holter Service allows hospitals greater flexibility in how they deliver diagnostic services to wider a patient base, without overburdening healthcare staff.

For more information visit https://ultralinq.com/holter-service/ or contact [email protected] to arrange a trial the Wearable Biosensor and Holter Service.

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