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UltraLinQ Launches New Wearable Holter Device with UbiqVue ECG Analysis and Interpretation Software
UltraLinQ Launches New Wearable Holter Device with UbiqVue ECG Analysis and Interpretation Software

Long Island City, NY – February 22, 2024 – Today, during American Heart Month, UltraLinQ is proud to announce the launch of its new Holter Program with the UbiqVue Holter and ECG Interpretation Software. This innovative biosensor comes with ECG analysis and interpretation software for uploading, interpreting, and managing ECG data and final reports. The Holter device and ECG interpretation software platform are designed to meet the intricate needs of modern cardiology practices, making excellent cardiac care seamless, accessible, and scalable.

The Holter device is a lightweight (28 grams), disposable, 2-channel device capable of up to 5 days of continuous monitoring activity. It contains an event indicator for self-reported events and can be worn during sleep, exercise, and showering. Because of its wireless and motion-tolerant design, the device provides excellent diagnostic accuracy without hindering a patient’s daily activities. Coupled with UbiqVue, it offers a robust suite of viewing and analysis tools for a seamless workflow. Users can add findings, insert comments, e-sign, and finalize a report with ease. From start to finish, UbiqVue is built to simplify and optimize the clinical workflow, allowing for immediate upload, retrieval, and interpretation.

“Millions of Americans are living with arrhythmias today and are in need of accurate and timely recognition and intervention,” said Theo Vouniseas, Head of Finance and Operations at UltraLinQ. “Continuous monitoring of heart activity is essential for capturing sporadic events and arrhythmias that may be missed during routine visits or short examination periods. By providing cardiologists with superior data, interpretation tools, and reporting workflows, UltraLinQ’s new Holter program will make exceptional cardiac care more accessible and manageable for all.”

In clinical studies, the use of UltraLinQ’s Holter Program has been shown to detect arrhythmias in a higher number of patients compared to traditional Holter monitors*, particularly improving the identification of atrioventricular (AV) block and premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) due to its enhanced P-wave quality.

Visit www.ultralinq.com/holter-service to learn more about adding UltraLinQ’s Holter devices and advanced interpretation software to your practice or organization.

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*LifeSignals 1AXe Wear Life Performance Study Validation Report (7 days). LifeSignals, Inc. DHF7B-TR-001. 2021

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