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4 Reasons Your Ultrasound
Business Needs Cloud PACS
4 Reasons Your Ultrasound
Business Needs Cloud PACS

Whether you’re just starting to plan your side business, or already purchased your modalities and ready to see patients, here are four key reasons you should consider acquiring cloud PACS for your mobile business.

1. Patients seek professionalism

When you start your mobile ultrasound business, choosing and implementing your PACS solution is just as important as purchasing your imaging devices. Cardiologists, radiologists, and general practitioners want interoperability so they can work as a team to provide the best possible care for their patients. You’ll put your most professional foot forward when your business already has the imaging devices and a cloud PACS that allows you to easily and instantly scan and share patient data.

2. Set up your workflow before Day One

You want your workflow to be smooth and easy for you and your physicians. So choose your cloud PACS company and don’t start your business without it. The UltraLinQ implementation team will work with you to select the most relevant clinical worksheets, ensure imaging device compatibility, and set up your workflow exactly how you want it prior to seeing patients.

3. Customize and optimize your workflow

Your patient workload can be overwhelming and unpredictable – save time by choosing your cloud PACS early and customize your account to your needs. With UltraLinQ cloud PACS, each account includes free and unlimited locations, unlimited users, and unlimited and customizable workflow rules to expedite patient care. This way, when you begin accepting patients, your business is prepared with an optimized scanning and reporting workflow.

4. Never worry about storage space

Putting a cloud PACS like UltraLinQ in place from the start means you never worry about storage space. UltraLinQ HIPAA compliant cloud solution includes an unlimited amount of storage. Whether storing 1 GB, or 1 TB, there are no additional costs. You’ll never have to worry about the room left on your imaging device, purchasing CDs or USB drives, or meeting HIPAA compliance with your physical storage. Let UltraLinQ cloud PACS take care of storage for you so you can focus on what you trained to do: Provide patient care.

When choosing a cloud PACS solution, UltraLinQ is here to help. Schedule a demo and learn more about how we can support your growing mobile ultrasound business.

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