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Three Benefits of Referring Your Colleagues to UltraLinQ
Three Benefits of Referring Your Colleagues to UltraLinQ

Why should you refer your colleagues to use UltraLinQ? Here are the top 3 reasons we hear.

Easily compare and learn from each other’s imaging workflow preferences

UltraLinQ lets you customize many aspects of our product to better fit your workflow. During implementation, we work with you to set up User Permissions and Roles. This allows you to customize the access that each user has within your account. We also work with you to set up additional locations, groups of users, and reporting personalization. Your colleagues using UltraLinQ may have their permissions, groups, and reports set up differently. Comparing workflows with colleagues may provide inspiration to adjust and enhance your workflow or vice versa.

Referring exams is even easier with another UltraLinQ account

Referring an exam in UltraLinQ is quick and effective. UltraLinQ provides a pre-written email for you to easily and effectively refer your reports to any user within your account. UltraLinQ offers linked user functionality so that by adding your colleague as a user to your account, they can view the studies you referred them alongside their own studies in one convenient login. Additionally, our permission sets allow complete control over which studies you do and don’t want to share.

Earn free exams within your own UltraLinQ account

To express our gratitude for your referral, we are happy to offer our clients 50 free exams, equal to a $100 credit, when a referred colleague completes a demo with us. Additionally, we’ll offer another 50 free exams, equal to a $100 credit, as a thank you for any client you refer to us that completes our implementation process and goes live!

If you know a colleague who would enjoy UltraLinQ as much as you do, email us today at [email protected]. We’ve love to chat further!

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