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Three Key Benefits of Cloud-Based PACS in Practice
Three Key Benefits of Cloud-Based PACS in Practice
Group of doctors evaluating the UltraLinQ Cloud PACS Imaging Platform in the middle of a meeting

Every day, physicians use UltraLinQ’s cloud-based PACS to upload, view, and interpret patient imaging at any time, from any location, on almost any device.

Recently, we asked radiology and cardiology clients to share the real-world impact UltraLinQ has in their practices.

In this blog, you will learn how UltraLinQ customers use cloud-based PACS to:

  • Streamline practice workflows
  • Accelerate quality of patient care
  • Improve patient education

Streamlining Practice Workflows

By making medical images accessible at any time, from any location, UltraLinQ’s cloud-based PACS platform helps physicians:

  • Spend less time on image retrieval and more time performing diagnostic reviews
  • Access patient images remotely, within minutes of the scan being performed
  • Collaborate with the clinical team and route patients for follow-up care faster
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Real People. Real Results

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Accelerating Quality Patient Care

UltraLinQ’s intuitive, accessible design allows clinicians to:

  • Access, visualize, and even compare patient images on the go
  • Retrieve images faster, without digging through reports
  • Quickly share images with referring providers, improving communication and treatment times

Empowering Patient Education

UltraLinQ not only enables doctors to communicate faster and more effectively with one another, but also gives them an additional tool to improve patient education. With UltraLinQ, physicians can collaborate with patients and share images and reporting, ensuring patients have a full understanding of their imaging/diagnosis.

The Bottom Line

Beyond its performance benefits, UItraLinQ also offers physicians attractive cost-efficiency. Compared to on-site PACS systems, UltraLinQ is:

  • No capital equipment, maintenance or service costs
  • Able to interface easily with equipment and digital solutions
  • Highly scalable, with unlimited users, locations, and image storage

But don’t take our word for it: take theirs. Read our “Real People, Real Results” White Paper, or if you’re ready to learn more, click below to schedule a demo!

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